Crash lands is an action and adventure RPG game, that has an interesting storyline and a fun crafting system. Developed by Butterscotch Shenanigans it is just one more in the line of games they are making, and it has all the hallmarks of the production company. The characters are fun and goofy, and you will love every minute of the game. But what truly makes this game stand out? What can you expect from the gameplay and the quests?

What’s the game about?

One of the things that makes this game so cool is its storyline and the adventures that the main character will have to go thru. Crashlands quests take you thru a strange planet you end up on, because your spaceship has crashed, and by the way, you are an intergalactic currier that has three packages to deliver.


Now, besides being called Flux Dabes, you are a man that prides himself on doing his work on time, and even though you are stranded on a completely unknown planet in an equally unknown environment you still have the drive to deliver the packages on time, and of you go. The only problem is the thousands of monsters that inhabit the planet you ended up on.

Even thou most of the game you kill the monsters, sometimes you can find an egg they left behind, and if you hatch it you will get a loyal pet that will follow you and fight by your side until you die and then get reborn and then die again. You become their mama, and their relatives are the enemy conveniently for you they can be a lot of help. We took the liberty to explore the game for you and will give you a heads up by giving you our idea of what is crashlands best pet.

The thing is, as you advance thru the game your skills get better, and so do your pets.

So, every part of the game comes with its own set of pets. You can find a pet that can suit any way you like to play but there is still some that stick out. You can never make a mistake with the Vomma, and if you find it take it and hatch it. This pet has half of your attack strength, and it can pierce thru enemies easily.

The last great feature of the game is the crafting system, and it has gotten a lot of positive critique from fans and the gaming community. The items are acquired thru the gameplay, and by killing monsters. Your inventory is limitless, and it is self-organizing so you won’t get lost in an enormous list of items.

Besides being able to craft items, you can also craft your dwelling from the materials you gather. Building your house will be easy and you can glide between the building mood and game mood with incredible ease.

Where can you get the game?

The game is compatible with iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X. This means that you can play it almost everywhere and any time you want. But people are talking about the fact the crashlands android version seems to be the best way to play the game. Many of the revues have gone over the fact that everything in the interface fits perfectly on the screen of your cell phone or tablet. It’s like everything is organized around your thumbs. This doesn’t mean that the other versions of the game are bad. They are very cool as well.


There is one set back to the game, and that’s the fact that there is no crashlands multiplayer option, however, the game developers have made other games of similar content that they released after this game so they can satisfy the need for a multiplayer option. One of the reasons why they couldn’t make the game capable of having this option this option is because they would have to change the entire gameplay and the story. This would end up altering the game so much that it won’t be the same game.

The game is around fifteen dollars, and it’s worth every penny. You could always try and get a pirate version, but crashlands free is not an option you will find on the internet in a legal way. The game is intricate and well made and it should be paid for.

What have we missed?

Well, a lot but then if we told you everything the game would be spoiled for you. This way there is something that will remain a mystery for you until you get the game. On the other hand, we could go on forever about the many fun things Flux Dabes will do during his adventures, and all the awesome things he can make, not to mention the loyal and tamed monster pets.

This game turns its back on a lot of conventions in the genre and makes a fun and action driven game that will make your fingers move fast while you will have a feeling that there is a never-ending stream of monsters all around you.


They are not all the same, and you will not kill them in the same way. The upper hand you have is that you don’t have to waste time on finding food or cleaning your inventory, neither do you have constrictions on the time you can spend outside. So, you can devote your time to killing and rooming the world, that is huge by the way.

The game will keep you up at night, and the convenient way it is designed makes it playable in a lot of situations. This means that you will get addicted fast, but what the heck its worth it you will have a lot of fun. Besides this, you will support the development of Butterscotch Shenanigans, and all the future games they will give us. Don’t waste time and get the game, you will get a great bargain!


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