Best Gaming Mouse for FPS and RTS

The games you’re playing will have a large impact on what features your mouse has. To generalize, FPS games favor speed and control, RTS demands accuracy, and MMOs favor features.

best gaming mouse mmo fpsFor fast paced games I suggest a high CPI count (often erroneously called DPI). CPI is counts-per-inch, it’s a measurement of methods frequently the mouse relays its position to the pc.

The faster the CPI, the more accurate your movements will translate to the machine. Most mice having a high CPI count could also include a software-adjustable ‘throttle’ for your CPI, allowing you to tweak the mouse speed. This is especially handy for games with multiple play modes (like shooters that require you to use the mouse cursor on menus).

Razer Naga : Best gaming mouse for MMO

MMO’s or another games that have lots and lots of controls is much more enjoyable utilizing a good mouse with plenty of added features, like the Razer Naga, that features a 12-button keypad on the thumb. These games have lots of customizable keys, so putting some on your own mouse-hand will load balance your control scheme.

You should probably get your hand on a few display models, although online shopping will provide you with a larger variety at a potentially cheaper cost. Weight and size play a big role.

Razer Naga

I thought I’d envy the Naga for my own playstyle, but it ended up being not big enough and lightweight for my big bear paws. The shape and weight are comfort factors, you will want to pick one that fits your level of comfort.

Choosing between wired mouse or wireless one

Wired or wireless is a personal preference. And you don’t mind that it might occasionally hiccup, you get the liberty of lacking a cord, as long as the wireless mouse has a fast enough data transfer rate.

But you also get the bane of needing to change or recharge the batteries. I have a fairly isolated gaming area where the cord will not be an inconvenience, though i still often stick to wired mice.

Trackball and vertical (stick) mouse

gaming mice 2015

Lastly, do consider ergonomic alternatives. Gaming from a trackball is very viable, and may give you some control freedom a mouse doesn’t allow for. Also, a vertical (stick) mouse is much better for some people’s wrists.

Logitech G500 (G5) : Best gaming mouse all in all

My own recommendation is to purchase a trusted quality all-purpose mouse, like a Logitech G500 (G5), and choose which features you prefer and don’t like.

Logitech G500 gaming mouseI discover that having two thumb buttons is handy (though I generally just use one), and customization software is essential (not all programs wish to recognize mouse buttons as usable, I tend to rebind those buttons to modifier keys like Alt and Ctrl).

Competitive gamers may have more specifics to shed on the subject, but like any tool or equipment, an individual must meet the proficiency level before the subtleties between devices can be truly identified.

A carbon fiber Babolat tennis racquet won’t improve your ability to hit the ball on the net, and a good mouse won’t cause you to a much better gamer.

I used to know a competitive Quake 3 FPS player who preferred his crappy old mouse with a ball, and i also never stood an opportunity against him. So, get a gaming mouse you like for FPS or RTS, listen to your gut, and move from there.