Inspired by the world-renowned World of Warcraft, developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment this game has gotten a lot of popularity in the previous four years. We want to talk about the features that make this game so great. And answer the question, why the heck are so many people playing it?

One of the things that make Hearthstone Blizzard so likable is the fact that the characters are based on old and well-known bests and beings, that we all love and know from the previous games; that is there is a certain element of familiarity with the game content that makes it so attractive.

The Game

For those of you that haven’t played this game, shame on you, we will go over the elements that make the game. Even thou there is a comprehensive one picture tutorial on their official website, that is more than enough to teach you all you need to know about the game.

Let’s get started, the basic principle is playing cards against your opponent.

You can choose between the different cast of heroes and, depending on the hero you chose you will make different decisions on how you want to use the cards in your deck. Since there is no card changing among players you might get stuck with a deck of cards you don’t like, but that shouldn’t bother you can buy additional cards for 1,25/1,50, or collect the in-game gold and buy a new set of five cards every two days.

Hearthstone Blizzard 1

The fact that players throw cards at each other does not mean that the game is simple, or that the one that has the last card in his hand wins. The fact is opposite, there are details about cards and the way they can be used that will influence your gameplay and make you develop tactics for defeating your opponent.

The cards in the game are split into three categories. There are weapon, magic, and minion cards their use and efficiency depend on the hero that commands them. Beside these cards, there are also Hearthstone quest cards and mystery cards. They pop up during the combat and if you do as they say you will be rewarded appropriately.

The Moods and Expansions

The game came out in 2014 and then it was officially called Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, and ever since then it has had numerous expansions and moods. Each coming with new sets of cards, quests, and rules. This is one more reason that makes the game so exciting, the fact that it always changes just enough to keep you interested.

We won’t go over every single expansion of the game, there are simply too many to go over in one article. But we will give you samples of what they made, and how it changed the main features of the game.


The second expansion called Grand Tournament comes with its own set of Hearthstone Grand Tournament cards, to be precise over one hundred and thirty of them. These cards focus on the hero power them of the game and have the according to abilities. Besides this you, there is a new non-keyword mechanic called joust, that you can use during combat.

One very interesting add-on is Tavern Brawl Hearthstone, and as the name says a tavern opens up on certain days of the week and you have a chance to get into a brawl. What does that mean? These events are not like regular fighting but instead have special features, rules, or require special card decks to be played. These events are fun and dynamic, and there are a lot of cool rewards you can get when you play.

The last expansion we want to talk about is Hearthstone Old Gods. Besides adding some very cool cards and having a cool tale that is linked to it. These are old gods that were sent to the pits of the earth by the Titans, and now they are coming back to wreak havoc on the earth. These cards and minions have alien-like tentacle beings in different colors and shapes.

Officially the expansion is called Whispers of the Old Gods, and everything is linked with the lore about the old gods. There are even some legendary minion cards that come from the age before ages.

Basically, we could go on forever about the expansions, and the features they bring with them. But why would we do that? You can find all the info you need on the fan made Wiki portal devoted to Hearthstone. There you will find all the info you need about the hundreds of cards that exist in the game, and about the features they have. We just wanted to get you interested in the game, and its features and to talk about the things that make it great. And we are not done.

The Card Decks

As a player, you will have the opportunity to collect cards, and even to craft them. The ultimate goal is to have a full deck of cards. Now there is one slight problem with that, and that’s the fact that you cannot trade cards with other players. We mentioned this previously, but it’s worth mentioning again because a lot of players are frustrated by this fact.


The crafting part of the fame is cool, but you do end up destroying a lot of cards just so you can make one. Your best bet is to compete, win a lot of gold and buy decks whenever you can.


This game represents a move forward in this genre of games. It’s innovative, dynamic and fun jet the graphics and characters are well known and loved. With the ever-flowing addition of add-ons and expansions, this game stays fresh enough to always keep you interested. Besides all of this, it’s for free and even if you pay money to get new cards that doesn’t mean that you will always be winning. You need a strategy, and devotion to the game to be good enough to use the cards in the right way.


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