When you decide that you want to purchase your first gaming mouse, you need to be very smart about it because a lot of things depend on your choice. People who are usually new to the gaming community and they have just recently started playing games usually never buy a good gaming mouse for themselves. The reason is simply that they don’t have enough experience and knowledge about gaming that will allow them to make a smart decision.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should wait with the gaming mouse purchase, with this we only wanted to tell you that you need to be very careful and maybe do some research before purchasing anything. Just by clicking on this article, you made the first good decision because this means that you are willing to learn from more experienced gamers and take their advice on how to pick out the best gaming mouse. There is one thing that you need to know and that is not very good gaming mouse is good for you. The reason for that is because gaming mice are made and designed especially for one or two types of games.


One of the things that you have to pay close attention when looking for a gaming mouse is your grip type. If you don’t know what is a grip type or what types of grip there are, don’t worry because we are here to explain everything. There are three main types of grips that people use, you are using one of these three, now you just need to discover which one. The first one is the most common one and it is called the palm grip. This gip is used by a lot of people, your entire hand will lie flat on the mouse if you are using this grip. The second one is called the claw grip and it is characterized with arched fingers just like if your hand was a claw. The third type is the most uncommon and there are only a few people who actually hold the mouse like this, it is when you are holding the mouse just with your fingertips without any contact between your palm and the mouse.

As mentioned the most common one is the palm grip because this way people feel the most comfortable with, especially gamers because they are spending a lot of time in front of the computer using the mouse. When you are using your mouse constantly for a long period of time, then you will see that the claw or the fingertip grip is not the best. You hand start to hurt after some time because all of your muscles are cramped.


The next very important thing that you want to look for in a good mouse is the DPI or as some people call it the sensitivity of the mouse. DPI stands for dots per inch and that is actually representing how many dots your mouse arrow will move per inch when you move it. The more dots it moves, the higher the sensitivity of the mouse is. We cannot say or give you advice on how DPI you should use to play your games at because that is completely a personal opinion and you have to discover it for yourself. Of course, a lot of people are using the same DPI settings on their mice, but that doesn’t guarantee that you will also use those settings. You need to be the one who will discover how much DPI you actually need.

This will also depend on the game type you are playing, for example, if you are playing fast pace game like an FPS, then you will need to adjust your sensitivity accordingly. The easiest way to discover how many DPI you will play on is to simply experiment and play the game with different sensitivity ever time until you get the result that you are most happy with. If you like high DPI, then look to purchase a mouse that can go up to 12k DPI and you will have no issue finding the perfect setting for yourself.

Read Reviews

One of the easiest way to choose your first gaming mouse and not to make a bad decision is to simply read some reviews online. If you like some particular mouse and you are not sure that you should buy it or not, then we suggest that you visit the online store and see the reviews and the feedback that people have been giving about that particular mouse. If you don’t have such a mouse that you like, then you can choose one depending on the game that you are currently playing. If you are playing an MMO based game, then search online for some forums about the game and ask people on these forums to give you advice on which mouse to buy that will guarantee help you improve your in-game skills.

For MMO based games we always recommend finding mice that has a lot of functions and buttons placed on the side because it will give you a much better playing experience. MMO’s usually require clicking a lot of abilities at the same time so a mouse with a few additional buttons can help you out a lot in a situation like this.

Follow Professionals

The last tip for finding a great gaming mouse is to follow some professional gamers and find out what type of gaming mouse they use to play the game.

Of course, you have to find professional gamers who play the games that you are playing too because they will have the best choices.

You don’t want to look up a professional Counter-Strike player when you are playing World of Warcraft, the setup will be completely different because those are two very different types of games. To find the equipment and setup that professionals use, you can use social media or some streaming platform where they have all their information given out to the public.


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