This is a game that was announced and a certain amount of tension was built up over its release, and then when it came out a never-ending stream of disappointed users started vloging and writing about it. We wanted to see what the problem with the game was. There are a couple of factors that made this game get such a bad acclaim and we will go over some of them.

The game exists on two types of consuls, there is Sea of Thieves PC and an Xbox one version. There is no major difference between these two versions. Now, let’s get down to business. What’s so wrong with the game?

The Idea Behind the Game

The general idea is that you can become a pirate, and you can play the game with three of your friends. This means that you can make a pirate criminal team, that will wreak havoc on all other players. The main occupation of the game is to get certain quests finished, and these quests usually consist of you finding some artifact and the going to the quest dealer to sell it so your team can buy better clothes.


Yes, that right. The only point of money in the game is to buy a better outfit for your pirate. And they do look cartoony and cool, but there is no point in getting better. This notion of the uselessness of money goes right thru the game. For instance, every time your ship gets sunk you automatically get a new one, your team gets a new one.

There is no point in buying new weapons because they always do the same amount of damage. Basically, they are just an accessory for your pirate, something that will make him look cool and bad ass but they are useless.

The quests are fun to a point. You and your team usually have to get an item that is thrown somewhere in the world, and then you get it. Before you do you have to kill a dozen of walking skeletons and get the object to the dealer before another team destroys your boat. Then you sell it, and you are off on a quest that is identical with just a few changes in the scenery. You do the same thing over and over again, and you will get pretty bored after a while.

The last part is team against team dynamic. You go around this pirate world with your group of friendly pirates in order to just go around. The game is made in such a way that there is no real progression and no real team against team dynamic. After defeating an opposing team, you do not get anything, accept the quest artifact. Selling the artifact will not do a thing for your performance, as we said. The team you have defeated will come back to life with a new ship and all their things, not that there are many, and at the end of the day you end up with a question: why bother?


One major blooper that’s in the game, and that made a lot of good jokes in the gaming community, is the Kraken. Or it’s maybe better to say that there is no Kraken, you can see his tentacles out of the water, but once you dive you will see that there is no monster underneath you, and those tentacles are the only part that the game programmers and designers made. This is not a mistake one can afford if he takes game making seriously.

Where to Get the Game, and How Much is it?

You can get the Sea of Thieves Steam version easily, and tree it out, especially if you like to play multiplayer games with your friends. But, we could also argue that there are better investments you can make.

The Sea of Thieves price is a bit expensive, if you have in mind all the features we talked about, the game developers could have cut down the price a bit. They didn’t and instead, they chose to price the game with a tag that is near sixty US dollars.

Even thou all of these things are present in the game it still has some popularity, and the marketing campaign that was done before the release made the game so popular in the first place. The interface is cool and different then what we are used to. The characters can be customized, and you will have fun with your friends. The only problem is that the novelty and excitement tend to pass once you get thru the major parts of the game, and then it’s just the same old thing over and over again.


You can get Sea of Thieves download on the internet, and the game does not exist in a material form. As we said you can get it on Steam, Microsoft Store, and for Xbox One. The download option is familiar, and there is not a lot to say about that.


Besides the game, you can find some merchandise on their official website. They are cups, and t-shirts and similar fan memorabilia. You can even get an official Sea of Thieves controller for your Xbox, with a cool skeleton head logo. Besides this, there are not so many things we can mention.


The game has disappointed so many people because it was long waited for, and people were building up the tension, talking about the game and how there are going to play it with their friend. The fact that it’s a pirate game made people also very excited and then everything just fell into the water. The game failed because it missed out on addressing key features that could have made the experience of playing more intense and immersive. Plus, the bugs and fails the game has in itself; all of these factors made for a great disappointment, among the fans that made the game popular even before it got released.


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